Bug Reports - Android v.2.1.1

“You will be billed on the true every true.” Dates not showing properly when upgrading

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Same issue here. I also notice that it only shows the last-but-one top up. i.e I topped up with £100 and nothing showed in transactions, then a couple hours later I topped up with £1000, and the £100 instantly showed but nothing for the £1000, and finally I topped up with £3900 and the £1000 instantly appeared on transactions. I made a purchase of £5k, but nothing in the transactions nor the £3900 topup.
At all times the Wallet would show correct balance.

Interesting. For me, it shows both the topups I’ve added

Clicking See all under recent transactions for a specific card shows all transactions from all cards (normal timeline view). I assume it should be filtered to show only the transactions for the card in question, like it seems to do on iOS?

Still unable to start the verify process on my Amex. Same 502 error. Have tried on different internet connections and on different apps on different phones. I know it must be busy at Curve towers but an actual acknowledgement would be appreciated. Radio silence to my support request email and tweet.

I have upgraded to metal from black. I already did a couple of purchases that exceeds £1000 using my Amex.

I want to buy something else, but when I go to top up my wallet I am being informed that a fee of 0.65% will be applied and indeed it is being applied.

However, metal subscription is supposed to have unlimited amex top up!

Curve Rewards are “temporarily unavailable”.

Not too bothered about using them at the moment, but I’d like to at least keep accruing Rewards during the limited Reward period!

E.g. TFL is one of my selected retailers. I just topped up £20 to my Oyster card via Curve. No reward.

This issue is addressed here: January Launch FAQs. For any queries about your Curve card, account, and transactions, please contact customer support.

Thanks, @Curve_Marie. Sent a ticket to support who manually added the Rewards.

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I’m unable to verify cards. I’ve tried two cards from different banks, both on WiFi and 3G, and no matter what I do I’m just stuck on this screen:

Edit: in case anyone else runs into this. I had the Android System WebView enabled. Curve’s verification system uses webviews for 3D secure, and for some reason it didn’t work with the system WebView. I switched to the Chrome WebView and everything works now :slight_smile:

Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having problems verifying your cards. First, can you check that you have the latest version of the app?

If so, could you try signing out of the app and logging back in again, to see whether that solves the problem? (click the menu at the top left and then select Log Out)

If you’ve downloaded the new app release and tried closing it/restarting again, and you’re still having problems, please could you please email support@imaginecurve.com from the email address you used to sign up to Curve with the subject ‘Rachel - verifying card issue’, so I can take a look at your account?



Thanks Rachel :slight_smile: I’ve sent you an email

My wife is getting this error on both iOS and Android. Keeps happening after reinstalling the app.

Please advise.

Hi I got red metal card today activate it but is this ment to be red card in pic not blue my old one


Here is another pic sure ment to show red card !

Sorry look shows blue not red why

im on android 9 - samsung 9 latest version
for some reason i am either getting delayed spending notifications (2-3h later) or dont get them at all
also am not getting receipts emailed despite enabling it

i have internet constantantly and all notif are allowed
they worked ok till yesterday
anyone with same issue?

There is a known issue with notifications around midday and another one regarding the email receipts, we are working on the email notifications issue actively.

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I will pass this on to our designer and product managers.