Bug with new way of displaying refunds for preauths


Really love the way refunds and preauthorisation corrections are now displayed clearly in the app.

There is a bit of an issue with preauth corrections though - the app is displaying the actual amount charged rather than the amount refunded

Take the example below - a preauthorisation for £29 for which the eventual charge was £3.19. My bank correctly shows a £29 charge and a £25.81 refund:

But the Curve app shows a £29 charge and a £3.19 refund:

Not necessarily and issue for me because I understand the process and what happens, but might potentially cause some serious confusion to someone who doesn’t understand!

My suggestion would be to actually have both…

Something like £3.19 final charge, £25.81 refunded, for absolute clarity.




Yeah that’s definitely confusing if you don’t check your bank statement. The Curve screenshot essentially says you’ve been charged 29-3,19 = 25,81 GBP which is incorrect. Good spot Andrew, I hope they can fix this one soon.

To be honest I’m a bit frustrated that they still haven’t bothered to reply to acknowledge it! I’m glad somebody else noticed…

@Curve_Marie has anyone at Curve seen this? It still doesn’t seem to be behaving right?

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Agreed. It also doesn’t seem to be showing some transactions as spends when they’ve been preauthorisation or declined transactions leading you to have to check the underlying card’s statement.

Hi @andyk,

Sorry for missing this. I’ve let the team know. Thank you for posting!

Hi @Curve_Marie,

Thanks so much - look forward to an update!

Hope you and the team are all keeping safe and well :slight_smile:

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