Bunq (Travel Card) BIN

Do any of you guys have Bunq Travel Card connected to Curve? Or just in general.

Can you pass me the BIN you have?


I did not try to connect it yet, but here is the bin: 5223 1902. It is ‘reused’ by bunq, before it was used by a Russian bank (at the moment this is giving difficulties, when trying to link it to the Dutch Airmiles loyalty program).

(Partly) Because of this bunq issued cards with other BINs. My new bunq Travel Card now has the following BIN: 5115 8002. Unfortunately my new bunq Travel Card does not have a card image in the Curve app, where as my old bunq Travel Card (with BIN 5223 1902) did have the correct card image in the Curve app.

Newly issued Travel Card here. Mine is 5115 80, too.
Validation in Curve went off without a hitch.

The old one had 5223 19 but I didn’t pair it with Curve.

Exactbins shows this:

Yep, bunq also ‘reused’ this BIN, so the exactbins info is outdated. Will take a while until all BIN databases will show the correct info.

But I assume also for you it shows the wrong card image?

Yup, a “generic” card image, also Curve suggested USD as default card currency (not on my watch! :stuck_out_tongue:), accordingly to old BIN info… if I remember correctly.

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