Burned as 'Gadget Insurance' Doesn't Cover Smartwatches

Guys, I think you should consider renaming ‘Gadget Insurance’ to ‘Mobile and Laptop Insurance’.

Been a happy Curve customer to date, I opted for metal so I could get rid of the separate gadget insurance for my phone and smart watch I had.

My smartwatch got stolen yesterday, phoned up AXA to find out a smartwatch isn’t considered a gadget, but a luxury item… so would only be covered if the theft had happened 100 miles from my home.

Of course it’s my fault for not checking the small print before cancelling my other insurance, but I do feel a little misled by what I expected to be covered by ‘Gadget Insurance’… If anything I would have thought a smartwatch more of a gadget than a laptop.


At a £800 claim limit, it’s very much laptop or phone insurance.

Thanks for posting your experience, hope it encourages others to consider if one-size-fits-all is right for them.


I called Axa with the same question because I wanted to know if my Apple Watch was covered. They told me nothing like 100 miles away. They just said it was only covered if I stayed two nights at a resort like a hotel.
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In the insurance document I was given it’s first stated that you need to book to nights to be covered, then they say 2 nights and more than 100 I’m away. This applies to domestic trips apparently.

Anyway, with “gadgets” they mean laptops, chromebooks, e-readers, tablets and their accessories.

Hi, yeah, it is considered a ‘valuable’, not a ‘gadget’ according to them (they are classing it as a normal watch). As such, not covered under the gadget insurance, but is under the travel insurance part. Hence why you need to prove you were actually travelling (100 miles away, hotel stays etc.).