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Business cards should be issued under a separate curve App and card so that people who want consumer cards can have both and not be forced to have business card due to their occupation

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The entire purpose is to have only 1 card in the end and only 1 app. You can mark business expenses in the timeline


But they issue business card if your classed as self employed etc for working for yourself status and employed if your wanting consumer card and you can’t do certain things with a business card and comes with more charges in certain circumstances so you could be given a business card when you want consumer cause your employment status

I’m not sure this is accurate. A Curve commercial card and a Curve personal card are pretty much the same; the only difference is that the commercial one allows you to tick personal/business expenses for better reporting. Other than that, it’s the same.

Not quite - some places also charge extra for business debit cards -

This ‘tick’ is actually also available in the Curve app for users with a personal Curve card.

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Didn’t know that!

Seems this is an HRMC directive. Most public agencies have their own rules about these things (for example, in Greece, I can’t use a foreign card to pay any debts). Let’s hope Curve will think of something to differentiate the information the card gives away to the merchant.

Yep, but it’s a key difference between business and personal card for many UK customers so thought it worth highlighting :wink:

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I had my business version with extra fees refused in certain places and completely unhelpful in bringing all my cards in to one cause it didn’t give me the freedom curve is supposed to give I’m not impressed that a company like EE would refuse a business debit card for a business account but accepts a normal personal debit card that really got me annoyed it’s plain and simple business debit cards are accepted less often than personal ones and cost more to retailers to service when they are accepted

Then you can switch to a personal card by dropping a line to Curve.
I have never run into any troubles with offline transactions, Norwegian Air once wanted to charge extra for my commercial card, but they removed that now.

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Either it’s the merchant’s fault. Curve can’t do much about it apart from offering both options and perhaps a toggle to switch between usage (but I’m not sure if that’s possible).

Commercial cards cost them more to process. They are legally allowed to pass these costs on.

Curve’s 1st business model was to generate income off these fees (they made more in interchange fees from you using their commercial card than it cost them in fees to re-charge the transaction to your personal card…). If only they’d stayed small, niche and stuck to that…

There’s no way to change a card type it can only have 1 bin. Having a commercial and personal virtual cards would be a nice feature. A card with 2 chips - a commercial and personal side would be awesome.

I’d carry 2 Curve cards I’d they waive Curve Fronted fees for commercial cards where the funding card was personal.

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Virtual would be a good option; anything to remain at 1 physical card! :sweat_smile:

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did people learn nothing from #wirecardgate ?! :slight_smile:

Obviously you have more than one card available otherwise you wouldn’t need Curve. But two Curves would be a hassle I guess.

We need a double-sided card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He was joking.

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