Business on back of card?

Hi everyone! Received my metal card yesterday. Is there any reason why there’s business written on the back? Will I see any difference with this? Thanks :smiley:

Hello @JH96,
Is there “commercial” written at the back?

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Hi @Will! No, only ‘Curve. Designed in London. Business’

Thanks :slight_smile:

When signing up did you select anything other than the “Employee” option!?

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@Dann That must be it! I’m a director so that makes sense! Thanks :smiley:

Also I saw someone mention on this forum about this…

Does this work with our curve cards?

I should add when I enter my 6 digits from the card number it doesn’t recognise it for some reason.

It should! It works for mine. What are the first 6 digits of your card number?

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Most places you will see no difference, though you’re likely to see slightly lower acceptance, and some places may charge a surcharge for commercial cards (as the interchange fees aren’t capped).

Curve prefer to issue these as they can charge higher interchange fees, but if you wish to I believe you can ask support to switch you to a personal one.

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I’m sure there is a different site for World Elite for Business cards. If I remember correctly someone put the link in one of the threads on here.

I couldn’t use this site when I was sent the business card in error.

Edit: I may be confusing that with Lounge Key…business cardholders definitely have to use a different site for that and can’t use the standard Lounge Key app (no idea if there is a lounge key app for business cards).

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@bells Yeah I noticed that there is a different site for business cards for LoungeKey access!

I’ve just seen this post now - Metal Card - Business + World on back, not World Elite

This card holder seems to be having the same problem as me! I’ve entered the card number numerous times and I can’t log in at all!

Yeah I couldn’t access world elite when I had a business card…didn’t bother trying to solve it though as was sent the card in error and a replacement personal card arrived a couple of days later.

I still have the business card (although it’s unusable) as I just can’t bring myself to throw away/destroy a metal card :grinning:

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@bells Ahh got ya! The best thing I should do then is ask for a replacement personal card! I wonder if I’ll lose my accumulated Curve Cash points when I do the switch?

You won’t lose anything when you switch. My account was originally a business account from when I joined curve pretty much from the beginning.

Changed to personal around August last year and nothing changed but the card I used.

One thing to note is they provided me with a replacement card free of charge because they’d sent the wrong one in error.

I would definitely try and get it changed though as I’m not aware (that’s not to say there isn’t) of any benefits of having a business card over personal, whilst there are lots the other way round.

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Great, thanks for your advice! And thanks to everyone else who commented! I’ll message them tomorrow for a replacement. Will I still be able to use my current card up until I get my replacement?

No because they cancel the original card then reissue you with the correct card. It will only take a few days at most.

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Exactly! If you’ve received a business card but would prefer a personal card please contact support at support@curveapp