Calling all French and Romanian speakers!

Calling all French and Romanian speakers!

Hello everybody :wave:

Curve is growing fast and so is our Community! We want to offer a space for customers to chat, ask questions and get help in as many languages as possible. To help with this, we’re adding French and Romanian language subcategories :tada:

Just like our other language groups, we now need a French and Romanian country moderator to help manage these subcategories. The main responsibility of a moderator is to make sure that our Code of Conduct is being followed. Country moderators manage their respective language groups in the ‘Help’ category and offer help / advice in the native language. Your trust level will be increased to level 4 if you become a Country Moderator. You can find more info on this here - Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

If you’re interested, please send me a message by Tuesday 23rd March and we’ll have a chat! Please note that this is a volunteer role and you must be fluent in French / Romanian. Showing your interest means having a chat with us, it’s not a guarantee to join the moderator team.

I can’t wait to hear from some of you and to grow our incredible moderator team!

Have a lovely weekend :grin:


Hey Hannah,

I’m a french speaking Curve user and would like to help out with the French help category group.

I have been using Curve since his beta phase. I’m also a big fan of fin tech and technology in general. I myself works in a tech company. English is my second language as I currently live in Ireland.

Speak soon.


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Hi Hannah!

If there’s no Romanian speaker option already, maybe I can be of some kind of help.
I can be reached at [EDIT by @poeliev: it’s better not to write your phone number in a public community and instead send it by PM to @Hannah when she needs it]

Best wishes,

Hello @tguiot and @Orlando thanks for your interest! Please send me a private message and we can discuss this in more detail :grin: