Can I add someone elses card to my Curve card?

I have a Curve card and currently (in the worlds current situation) I am doing the bulk of the shopping for my dad. I have to keep getting his card from him to do the shopping and then hand it back just in case he needs it for something.

So am I allowed to add my dads debit card to my Curve card? or would I not be allowed because its under a different name?

Hi BigBen,

No, you won’t be able to add your dad’s card on your account as the name should match the same as the name registered in the Curve account.

This is part of the terms and condition of the Curve account.

What you could do, is to get a Curve card for your dad, add his debit card to that, and then use his Curve card when shopping for him. You wouldn’t have to return it, since your dad would keep and use his debit card directly.


Try it and see. I have inserted two cards with different names and they work without problems. But is it possible that in some countries this is not possible?

I don’t think that’s true. My wife added my card into her curve app and it is about 2 years she use it. The only limitations of that is that now I can’t add that card to MY curve anymore.

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Thanks all, I will leave it for now. Though I do like Micke’s idea about my dad getting curve and I just use his curve card.

Though about the terms and conditions. I’ve read the T&C’s and can’t see it stated anywhere.
But as I say, I’ll leave it and I may get my dad to sign up to Curve instead. Or maybe it will be easier to just get named on his bank account so I have my own card.

It’s not about being able to do so. It’s about if it’s allowed or not (as per the ToS) and it’s not allowed.


Curve will use various means to identify that the card you have added to your account is yours and that you have the right to use it.

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this is what curve wrote to my wife a few weeks ago. one of my cards was linked to her account (uk bin) because of the previous gbit bug affecting national bin cards

We’ve noticed your funding card ending xxxx added to your Curve account under a different name. Could you please confirm your relation to the cardholder?

Please note that we prefer our customers to only add funding cards that belong to them and kindly ask that you remove these cards from your account and confirm once this has been done.

Please note that we have had to place a block on your card. Let us know directly once you have successfully completed this.

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You can ask your dad to apply for a second card on his account, in your name (in some countries this is called a partner card or additional cardholder). Then anything you buy will show on his account, but you’re not doing anything naughty :).

I don’t get though why the form allows to edit your name when adding a new card to Curve.
If it must be in your name then it must be a hidden field, pre-filled with the name of the Curve account owner.

Also, by reading this article, it looks like it implies that it is indeed possible to use a card in someone else’s name as long as you are authorized to do so.

“please check with any family or household members who might have had permission to use your card” → and it does not advice to contact Curve.
And right after:
“If you have reason to believe that your card details have been used by someone else without your authorisation, please get in touch with Curve” → In this case, contact Curve.

So that article is at least badly written and misleading: it should say that in any case you should contact Curve and tell them someone else is using your card, since no one can use someone else’s card, even if they have been authorized by the owner.

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Would joint account cards be able to be added to Curve accounts?

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