Can i buy crypto with the curve if my normal bank wont allow it

just as the title sugests can i buy crypto currencys with the curve card if for example swedbank my normal bank does not allow it

I guess a lot depends on ‘how’ your bank decides that it is not allowed for you to buy crypto.
If it is done by MCC it is likely you will not succeed, since in most cases Curve sends through the same MCC as if you bought the Crypto directly with your underlying card.
If your bank blocks specific merchants you might succeed, since for your bank it looks like you are buying at Curve and not at the crypto exchange.
If you succeed in buying crypto through Curve you might still be in breach with the T&C’s of the bank of your underlying card.

From my own experience…I once succeeded in buying crypto using Curve with an underlying Credit Card that was rejected when used directly. But on this occasion it looked like the Crypto exchange denied my card when used directly and not my ‘bank’.

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thanks for the info i apreciate the help

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Most crypto websites seem to use MCC 6051. As that MCC is also used by many merchants who don’t offer any crypto services I don’t think many, if any banks use it to identify crypto transactions.

It’s more likely they use a list of individual merchants by name only. If that’s the case then fronting the card with Curve will bypass that restriction, unless the bank is savvy enough to realise why this works and apply an easy fix to stop it.

Do Curve allow crypto purchase now anyway? I recently read the terms of service and it suggests it’s not allowed?

Curve specifically blocks purchases with well-known crypto providers AFAIK, e.g.