Can I get a physical Curve if I have a physical Samsung Pay card?

I installed Samsung Pay on my new phone recently. I added a couple of cards, Santander credit and Starling debit but these are my back-up rather than main, so then I installed the Curve app in order to add Monzo, MBNA etc.

A physical Samsung Pay card arrived shortly afterwards. It works fine but the cards used seem to be the ones registered with Curve.

I’ve added Santander and Starling to Curve now too.

My question is, can I get a Curve physical card or am I tied to Samsung? The latter is fine but seems like a middle man.


Hey @Redtop, welcome to the community!

As far as I know the Samsung Pay card is effectively another ‘Curve’ card, so it’s like having a physical Curve card. I know you can’t get a Samsung Pay card if you already hold an actual Curve card, so I assume the same applies the other way round. You don’t lose any benefit if you stick to the Samsung card I believe.

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Thanks. It is a really useful thing to have.

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