Can I have more than 1 Curve card?

I don’t want to give up my grandfathered black card.

Can I order a second card (Metal) or is it only one card or the other?

It’s one card only, unfortunately.

Thank you. Makes the decision to upgrade even hard then.

Actually I was told by support that you could sign up for a another card with a different email address.

Which I did. But also I had a spare phone with the app on.

Not really sure if this is “official” but it worked for me a while ago. And that came from Curve Support.

Thanks. I guess I only want 1 device on me so that limits me to 1 card.

I am sure there are apps out there that make it possible to have two instances of the same app (but with two different accounts signed into it) available on the same device.
People with a dualsim phone use this for example to be able to have two instances of Whatsapp on their phone.

That would unfortunately breach Curve’s Terms of Service:

  1. Eligibility Criteria
    1.1. By agreeing to enter into this Agreement you are representing that you:
    1.1.1 are a resident of one the eligible countries listed on the Curve App or on the Website;
    1.1.2 have full legal capacity to enter into this Agreement;
    1.1.3 are 18 (eighteen) years of age or over;
    1.1.4 do not have another Account with Curve;

This has been resolved.