Can I transact, add a new card from new bank, then GBiT and switch from old account to new account?

Hi everyone

I’m waiting for a new card to arrive from Virgin Money. This account is not currently added to my Curve card.

So, if I transact now on another card - e.g. HSBC - then receive the Virgin Money card and add that to my Curve card, can I GBiT and switch from HSBC to Virgin? Or does the Virgin account need to be added to my Curve card before I transact?


P.S. apologies if this is repetition, I promise I did try and search for it :slight_smile:

No only transactions made with the Curve card can be used with GBIT.

No as purchases made with the Curve card can use GBIT only once, so I don’t think your use case is possible and as above only transactions made with Curve can be used with GBIT.

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I read the OP as meaning they were going to spend on HSBC via Curve, then subsequently add Virgin card to Curve once they receive it and GBiT to that, which sounded fine to me.


IIUC, OP wants to make a transaction with Curve with an existing card as funding source, then later on add a new card to Curve and use GBIT to move the transaction to the new card. This is possible, I’ve done this many times.

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It’s not what was said so it wasn’t implicitly clear but fair enough…

No problem but as above it really wasn’t clear but fair enough. I’ve learned something new as I didn’t know you could move a transaction more then once.

Thanks all.

That’s correct - transact on Curve, using existing account, then move to new account once it is added to Curve.

Question answered, thanks very much.


I think you misunderstood. This is not about moving a transaction more than once. It’s about moving a transaction to a new card that was added to Curve after that transaction took place.


That’s enough misunderstanding for one thread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (The question has already been answered.)