Can I use Curve without KYC?

Hi there! Can I use Curve card without KYC, basically order the card to my address, activate it and use without KYC?

Not sure but I think at a point you will need to do it

:wave: Hi @iMal, and welcome to our community. Curve is not a bank and the card, as far as I know, is not a financial element (expect Curve Flex in UK). But you need to verify at least your identity and few basic information (

The card always needs to be linked with at least one card from any bank (debit or credit), which will be the one for which you have to pass deeper bank controls.You won’t be able to use the Curve card if you do not have any other bank card.

Got it, what is the 365 day window? It’s 2500PLN just like the daily limit. Does that mean I can only spend 2500PLN a year?

Or does this mean I can spend 2500PLN everyday

Hi @iMal. If you don’t verify your identity, you’ll have lower limits. Here you have the limits as new costumer, and the limits you can get once you verify your account:

There’s just the daily limit then? What is the 365 day window?

Looking at your screenshot, your daily limit is the same as your 365 day limit because you haven’t verified your identity.

Yes that’s exactly what it means.

This is from me who has completed KYC.