Can metal cards be recycled/reused?

I have a metal card which expires in 2023. Curve have sent me out another metal card which expires in 2024 (which I had no need for but they seem to have sent by accident).

I was planning to not activate it and save it in case I lost my first card, but Apple Pay kept declining as the new card hadn’t been activated, so I had to activate the new one.

What do I do with the old one?

  1. Given the expiry is so far in the future, can it be re-enabled my new one is lost/stolen?
  2. If not, can it be recycled? I can’t just shred it like a normal card.

The answer to your first question is no. The answer to your 2nd question is check with your local council as they will be best placed to tell you if they can recycle it.

As a rule of thumb they won’t as it’s not a 100 per cent metal card as it still has a plastic filling.