Can no longer pay into Vanguard

using metal, i can no longer use my ihg or virgin card to pay into vanguard. anyone know if these cards can be used with any other savings, investment platforms. thanks

Hi Idontfly, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m so sorry to read that you are experiencing issues with your card. Since your issue is account related you will have to contact Curve directly, as this community is mainly users helping other users.

To do so you can either contact Curve via the app or via Twitter @AskCurve or via email at

I would say Twitter is probably the fastest way to reach them if I’m honest.

Thanks ever so much for your question I’m just sorry that I couldn’t answer it fully.

All the best,


My impression was that Vanguard seemed to have blocked most (?all) Curve BINs as they have treated them as non-UK cards, so I don’t think it matters which underlying card you try.

Now Vanguard has stopped working even if the underlying card is a debit card. It worked fine yesterday morning.

Payment approved in the Curve app then says the underlying card has rejected it - tried 3 different cards including a debit card.

Also have tried a commercial Metal card and a virtual personal card.

UPDATE: working after using a different browser.

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