Can’t activate Curve card in Mi Carrefore App

I am trying to activate my Curve card in Mi Carrefore App so that I can pay with it automatically at Carrefore.

But, Curve always declined the €1 request from Carrefore.

I have tried many underlying cards (both credit and debit) without success.

So, I think it’s the problem of Curve.

@lgx Hey! That sounds strange, Curve usually declines authorisation transactions if one of the details input are wrong e.g. expiry date or CVV. Can you try again and double check these?

If that doesn’t work I’d contact support via the Curve App, they should be able to help and are usually very quick.

Let us know how that goes

Hi @jayeshr,

I can pay with the Curve card in Carrefore App and on Carrefore website, so the card details are correct.

But, to pay with Curve card at Carrefore’s checkout counter I must activate the card in Carrefore App first. Carrefore will try to charge €1 but Curve always declines it.

Ah understood. In that case it looks like Support should be able to help, let us know how that goes. Sounds like a very peculiar issue.