Can’t change card limits and can’t contact support

Hi all! I’m using Curve since a few days, I’ve spent 490,50€ and now it says that I reached my card limits and decline every transaction. If I tap on the section “card limits” in the app nothing happens. I’ve tried to contact the support but didn’t answered. What can I do? I’m using curve from Apple Pay wallet since I didn’t received yet the physical card.


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The support team should get back to you within 48 hours if you contacted them by email with or by raising a ticket in the Curve app. They’ll help you with your limits there!

Support is extremely slow and takes more than 48 hours just to send a message. It’s a week that I’m into this trouble.

I’m having the same issue. Can’t use the card anymore since it reached the limit. I’ve been emailing and using the chat in curve app for over a week now an no reply from curve.

Same problem here! @Curve_Joel why do you get back to this message so quick when I made the same complaint days ago and still no reply! This is outrageous, invested 5knin you guys and still awaiting my metal card, and now can’t even use my basic card and avail of my 30 day cash back period! I want this extended please.

And if I don’t start getting some correspondence soon, I’ve a good mind to get onto card issuer to get a charge-back on my investment, as this is over a year later since investment and still in good faith on my side can’t do a thing with your so-called product!

Sorry for missing your earlier message, Stephen. Sometimes I miss content posted to the Curve Community because it’s a busy place! Please be assured it’s nothing personal. Thanks for investing and sorry to hear your issue wasn’t resolved yet when you messaged here. Have you heard from the support team since?

Same Problem here, almost one month. I think they’re actually making fun of me now. I’ve been asked for verification 4x times, but nothing happen. I don’t get any feedback for days or weeks… I can’t use my card because I got a “limit overrun”, even though my friend is making transactions 3x as large as mine on the same terms and conditions…

Dear Curve, does customer-care mean anything to you? Because now I’m a bit angry and upset. I don’t think a limit change should take nearly 1 month. Specifically, in the course of 1 month, not a single objection can interest me.

Nevertheless, I apologise for my tone, but this is still ridiculous. Please change my limit, or give users the right to do it themselves if necessary (I don’t understand why this is not the default anyway)… This is really unbelievable now.

I have the same problem. Waiting 7 weeks and still problem does not resolved.
Last answer from support I got on October 20. It is ridiculous the way they treat their customer :frowning:

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Hey @hidvegiattila and @Niedzisiejszy, sorry for missing the responses to this thread previously. I’m currently looking into problem areas and recurring issues with Curve’s customer experience and I’m looking into key examples as part of this. Can you please let me know if this issue was resolved for you by sending me a private message so we can discuss this further?
If you’re happy with how your issue was resolved then feel free to ignore this message! :grin: