Can’t sign in. “Retry” button on empty screen

Issue: After entering one-time password and pin I see just empty screen with “retry” button

How to reproduce it: Have no Idea. I just follwed typical newbie steps and stuck at some point. Probably something wrong with my account, because the problem reproduces on any devive. Even on Blue Stacks android emulator.

OS: Android 12 SKQ1.210908.001 / MIUI

Device: Xiaomi MI11 Lite

App version: 3.18.0


If you need me to gather any addtional info, I’d be glad to help. I’m something of a software engineer myself :slight_smile:

My original post

I don’t know if you guys did something, but now everything is fine

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Thanks for the bug report- I’m glad to see this issue was resolved for you @yrHeTaTeJlb! :raised_hands:

This is happening to me too on my iPhone, posted about it here too:

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Hey @bretbac, it seems like the team believes this general issue to be resolved so the issue you’re experiencing is most likely specific to your account. Please contact our customer experience team by emailing them at or by raising a ticket in the in-app chat. :grin: