Can’t sign up! Help

I’m trying to sign up to Curve Metal but it’s stuck on the sign up process, when reviewing the T&Cs it says scroll to continue but it doesn’t matter how many times I scroll, the button doesn’t enable.

iOS 16, iPhone 13 Max Pro

Any ideas? Screenshot below

hey Danny!

We just had a look at this issue and we will have a fix available coming out on the next release :slightly_smiling_face: There was something that Apple changed starting on iOS 16 and we had to make some changes on our side.

Really thanks a lot for reporting it.

Hey! Thanks for your quick response…I thought I was going mad and missing something but glad it’s not just me. Any idea on when the next release will be please as I really want to finish the sign up?

I would say next Tuesday… or Friday if you wish to join our beta :slightly_smiling_face:

We can try to ship a Beta version as early as we can though

You’re done well get such a fast response from Curve Customer Services! If you look elsewhere on the forum you’ll see that once they have your Metal subscription you can forget about any response to issues involving the card including key elements of its supposed functionality like Curve Fronted.

Good luck!

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