Can’t use curve in many places

I can’t use curve card to buy things in places like Laybuy, Clearpay and zilch and many more as they said that “curve card is proxy or prepaid card, and I should get a proper debit card.

stupid merchants. I would sue them for their idiotic logic.

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Probably because their policies would otherwise preclude the use of credit cards.

Some major credit card providers have prevented use of curve to make repayments for the same reason, not sure if this is still the case?

I used another underlying debit not a credit card. But When I tried to use another debit cards (Revolut & Transfwise) they accepted to process payments.

Hey @Garoowe74, would you mind messaging me about this? I’d like to get some more info so I can pass it on to our team!

I had the same problem with Clearpay. Curve was identified as a “Foreign” card and was not accepted.