Can’t verify applepay and support is horrible

I am metal member! Payong for priority support and cannot add card to apple pay for 2 weeks now! It’a horrible how little support is replying on top of that I am investor in the company! Just horrible of you are behaving like this to all of your customers! Demand answers and some sort of partial refund/credit back for a service advertised and not deliver - PrioritySupport! I had comms via email and then radio silence you said i was called and didn’t answer but the truth is phone never rang! And I do not have any blocks on the phone! When I try to reach you via phone all i reach is automatic responders and email red tape! I’m becoming sick of this!

Hello. Welcome to the community, what error are you facing when trying to add your card to Apple Pay?

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None… just nit getting confirmation sms at all… however Iget confirmation sms when signing in the app! I reinstalled app talked with telco formated my phone… stuck in verify sms send and sms never gets to me

Ah! That should be an easy fix. There’s a few people with phone numbers formatted on their accounts incorrectly. If you give them a tweet, @AskCurve they’ll sort you out!

Or you can use the chat in app

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Tryed that they elegedly formated my numbers 3 times - no success! Since then radio silence - ignoring me

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This is really bizarre. Well done for sticking with the CX team. Id try twitter to see if you can get them to check it

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