Can we get a "whoop whoop"

… or simply a geographic map.

Monzo do it and it’s really nice seeing where I’ve been spending my money.

When I use Curve, nothing shows up on Monzo which is why I don’t use Curve abroad. Sad shame.

If you go into your search you can see where you’ve been… (kinda)

Could you explain a little bit more (apparently something that shows where you have been spending) what a “whoop whoop” is in this context? I’ve tried to Google it, but I don’t think that the results were what you mean. I did find some funny GIFs, though :wink:, like :point_down:t2:


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This is a lot more clear, tho…

What I think the OP means is a notification sound that happens when you make a transaction.

Monzo has what I would call a video game sound of you collecting money or spending it.


@patrice58 Thanks for the clarification!

@Dribfunk In that case, for the geographical map part of your idea that can already be voted for here:

Remains the

video game sound

when spending with your Curve card (or receiving Curve Cash).

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Can I get a… is the generic term I was looking at using…