Can we have it save QR cards in the Loyalty section

Loyalty section does not support QR loyalty cards.

Can this be added please. This is especially valid as my Tesco card is about 50% thicker than a normal card.

I am able to scan and add QR-codes. If I select ‘ADD A DIFFERENT CARD’, I am able to scan a QR-code and add it as a loyalty card.

I don’t live in the UK so I apparently can’t select Tesco, but if I select another brand/store I am also perfectly able to scan a QR-code and add it as loyalty card for that brand/store.

I am on Android.

Or do you mean QR-codes that you don’t have on a card (though that doesn’t seem to be the case as you are talking about your Tesco card), but only in an app on the same phone as your Curve app? Though not ideal I must admit, there are workarounds for those.

The only challenge I have with Curve adding QR codes is they end up adding non scannable cards. It happened to my Matalan, H&M and Tesco cards. They could not be scanned so I had to add them again manually using the digits for it to genera Bar codes.

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