Can you please update us on current status of announced features?

Guys, first of all — Curve has a great idea underneath, and Blue & Legacy Black are perfect products. Unfortunately, I have a Metal subscription now, and I’m paying you some money every month, so, I think, I can ask you to keep me and all other loyal customers like me updated. Because for now, as it was already spoken many times, current set of Metal features are useless for, looks like, most of us. As for insurance, if you’ll check trustpilot — the average rating based on 633 reviews is “bad. Just think about it — 89% percent of reviews rated the company as bad (for example Bupa has marked as Great, 59% of reviews says it’s excellent and 18% — great). All other features with us since the good-old-before-subscription times… Yeah, we have shiny piece of metal in the wallet, but hey, who cares?

There are few features that you’ve announced as “coming soon”, but haven’t yet delivered:

  1. Improved Curve Cashback, announced on 12 Feb 2019, quote:

Our plan is to launch this improved benefit in the coming weeks

  1. New Curve App, announced on 24 Feb 2019, no ETA, and, basically, no updates since then
  2. Lounge Key, announced on 28 Jan 2019 with Subscriptions, there was an update that you’re “doing something” on 25 March 2019, but without any ETA
  3. Apple Pay (as well as Google Pay and Samsung Pay), technically, wasn’t announced, but it’s marked in the Roadmap as “In Progress” since first day of the availability of the roadmap (which is something like 18th of November 2018).

Ok, I believe that Lounge Key and * Pay requires interaction with some other companies, and it may cause delays by itself, but what about the first two items of my list? At least you could tell us that you’ve encountered such-and-such problems, and therefore you’d to postpone the implementation.

And, by the way, why you’ve abandoned the Roadmap? At least you can move “subscriptions” to Done, and add Lounge Key, Redesign and Cashback to “In Progress”. Managing the board takes, literally, 5 minutes a day, tops.

One more thing… in the roadmap there is a quite nice feature titled “More funding sources (Alipay, JCB, CUP, Paypal, Maestro, etc)” — why don’t implement this instead of wasting investors’ money on suing with AmEx?

Have you though of making some parts of your infrastructure open source? So everybody interested could help you and himself to get shiny new feature? Yes, I understand that there is a lot of paperwork as well, but, at least, it could help reduce the load of your developers, so they’d be able to implement more Augmented Reality-related stuff, while community will do something useful :stuck_out_tongue:

UPD: I’ve added checkboxes to the text (they’re look like empty square: ), to indicate which questions are waiting for an answer. Answered questions would be marked as .


Similar thoughts to you Andrey. I’m still on black legacy but would love to see where Curve Metal is going. I have Amex Platinum so I’m looking to see some model that complements it rather than just trying to replace/emulate it. Unfortunately, between Amex and Curve, Amex will likely win my custom so I really need a good reason to upgrade to Metal. A new app would certainly be in the right direction. The current app is terrible and the prior one was actually better.

Hi @areeb1 - what have you noticed that’s worse in the current version?

Hello @andrey_yantsen :slight_smile:

Great topic - I’ll sit with the team to write a proper update for everyone.


Looking forward to the updates on Roadmap!

Especially (Apple Pay, Share funds, Virtual cards, P2P)?

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Hi @Curve_Marie! It’s been 2 days from your reply now. I really hope you’ll be able to get some updates for us soon.

So do I! :smiley: Chasing the information and will update you as soon as I have it :slight_smile:


Very good points. After upgrading and paying for a metal card (not cheap) I honestly can’t say I’ve had any use of the features I’ve paid for as they don’t exist.
I would like for Curve to justify why they are not compensating their metal card holders.
We paid for a service, which has not been delivered.
I feel Curve has been very unreliable since I implemented them in my finances and hence now look at getting on with my life without them. Getting the metal card was all about the benefits, which all looked as marketing content but rendered useless because of obvious factors that’s been discussed in this thread.
I hope @Curve_Marie can shine some light on how Curve tends to compensate their high paying clients.


I kept thinking about upgrading, but several months on, I’m really glad I stuck with my legacy curve card

Took the words right out of my mouth…

Still waiting to know what I’m paying every month for?

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Whats exactly going on bloody love the idea one card for all and wanna promote it but this is appalling for such a company to give updates and coming half way through the year nothings been done? Ive read alot of threads and this is bad so wont be subscribing to metal till your stuffs sorted. Will be advising people ive referred also.


Just in case, I’ll be more than happy to see answers for one point at a time, instead of waiting for weeks while you’re preparing answers to all of the questions.

everyone is wondering - from the looks of it - nothing - probably another ‘‘we’re working on an improved benefits scheme, stay tuned etc’’ to buy them another months or so - i am waiting for my penalty cancellation period to end and will - like @ericasare close and continue with my life
why i have to pay penalty £50 to close my account earlier - since the service i bought was never delivered - am still the one penalised - is in itself a disbelief and an example of how terrible we are being treated
not being alarmist but i no longer forsee a bright future for this brand

lesson learned: dont jump the boat on these qvasi-industry disrupter techonologies that end up being nothing more than a fuss in the wind


Unfortunately for me I took their word for the promises made and payed up front for a whole year, so don’t think I’ll ever see those £150 back again. I was thinking of subscribing to N26’s metal card, in order to get all the benefits I need but that will mean I’ve spent almost £300 pounds on banking benefits in less than a year. Which would be a massive kick in the teeth.

I might fool the legal breach of contract via small claims, and hopefully get my money back.

While waiting… I’ve aggregated topics from Curve News and Updates for this year, to check out what the Curve been doing publicly for last almost 5 months:

I believe that everything what was announced in January were started to develop back in 2018, but anyway, so far Curve delivered Subscriptions&Metal (despite all the questions, the product is here), Purchase Protection, return of spending from Curve Rewards card, Brand Ambassador Program and discontinue of Xero integration. 5 things in 5 months, not that bad, actually. And there was a meetup! What HSBC has delivered to you during the same period? Or maybe Revolut has released the Apple Pay? :smiley:


I have to agree… I got tired of waiting for the benefits so have downgraded. I was tired of unexplained declined transactions as well. The novelty value of a metal card wore off quickly and I just concluded it was a bad deal, esp with the Amex disappointment, low gadget cover (which wouldn’t cover my iPhone XS Max) and the endless talk of new stuff that doesn’t materialise…


I’ve just discovered a pretty similar thread: Curve Features coming -2019 but Still nothing to show for, and there were quite interesting points stated by Diego on 10 April 2019:

  • We are at the testing phase with LoungeKey and will be able to launch it very soon.
  • In terms of permanent cashback, we will provide more details to our customers in the following weeks, trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

And no more updates from any Curve member afterwards. So you’re “at the testing phase” with LoungeKey, for at least a month now, oook.

In terms of cashback — technically nothing have changed from the time of announcement of the Improved Cashback (12 Feb) till 10 April, just “coming weeks” switched to to “following weeks” :slight_smile: Lucky me, your customer support “reset” my Rewards program, and I was able to enjoy it for a couple more months, until 19 April.

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Hey peeps! I don’t know if this is new, but I’ve just been able to sign up to LoungeKey using my Curve Metal details.

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Hm… How have you done it? Via I’ve tried just now — no luck for me.