Can you use Halifax Cashback Credit Card via Curve?

I recently signed up to Halifax Cashback Credit Card, can I use this with my Curve card?
It will finally allow me to get a form of cash-back on all of my purchases (AMEX where accepted and Halifax where not).

Does anyone else do this, any things to take note on?

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Hey @Poynty, you should be able to add this card to your Curve account without issues! If you are experiencing problems then please let the Curve support team know so that they can troubleshoot this for you.

Just bear in mind the rules on Curve fronted so that you’re aware of when you might incur fees for spending through Curve with your credit card. :grin:

I have a Lloyds bank cash back card (part of LBG as Halifax) and earn my cash back with no problems at all.

Same with Natwest Reward Credit card and Chase, both of which pay cashback when used via Curve.

Thanks All, I will update you all upon my attempt of using card. Hopefully works like the rest of you :blush:

So far so good, does anyone know if you can pay off your credit card with this Halifax credit card using curve fronted? Without penalties etc? @Curve_Joel

I have been using my Halifax Cashback card with Curve for the last two months’, in fact I have never used the actual card, only via Curve and it works fine and the 0.5% cash back is applied monthly…

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Thanks Lee, and do you know if you can pay off credit cards without any issues? Much appreciated!

@Poynty No sorry, I have not tried paying a credit card, I would have thought they would detect it as a CASH payment. May be with a £10 test transaction! Good luck! :grinning:

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Good news, it appears to work fine to pay off another card with Halifax cashback card. @lee3

It does label Financial institutions, but comes across as regular retail transaction, how it should do under curve Fronted. Defo a good perk, pay off Amex cashback with Halifax cashback and then clear balance by bank account :+1:

@Curve_Joel can you confirm this is okay from Curves side too :blush: I will continue to do if so!

Please also inform us if no fee is added on your statement

So update, I called Halifax, they advised me no fees added / it’s classed as retail transaction despite FI label. They couldn’t see any fees either applied (two days ago I made transaction) so in theory looks all good! I will update thread upon end of month statement too. But I doubt it’ll change from there advise on phone!

Hey, these transactions count as ‘Curve Fronted’ transactions! Depending on the current Curve subscription type you’re on you may incur a fee but these transactions are allowed through Curve. For your own peace of mind, I’d recommend checking the links below as they explain the feature and its terms well. :grin:

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Thanks Joel, I am investor / Metal subscriber so £10,000 allowance a month?

That’s exactly right, @Poynty! :raised_hands:

… it looks like what has changed is the way your bank/credit card provider handles cash transactions made with Curve …

I think this would be a slightly more accurate representation - Halifax recently changed their credit card T&Cs to state that cash withdrawals and cash-like purchases (such as purchasing currency) would incur charges


Is this for the Halifax clarity card?

In addition, I tried today to pay my Halifax card and Sainburys declined the transaction. It’s normally always works by Curve fronted, So I suspect there’s been a change on various credit card suppliers policies recently?

Edit: tried again and updated card details, worked fine :+1:

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It relates to all Halifax credit cards when making cash-like transactions, such as topping up Revolut accounts, cash withdrawals, paying off other credit cards, buying currency, etc.

Purchases of physical (or digital, may be?) things, like grocery shopping, should still be fine

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Really?! I’ve been paying using my cashback card with no fees or issues, even in past day or two!

Paying for things, or buying money?

Treated differently, as I said