Cancel Curve account

Trying to cancel Curve account. Support first stalled and now don’t respond.

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Hey Johnny, apologies if the support team haven’t gotten back to you yet. We’re always aiming to reply as soon as possible.

You have marked your reply as a solution. You’ve solved nothing.

Clear instruction to cancel. They want me to stay with Curve. I don’t want to. I want to leave. Please close the account without delay.

I just registered on the forum to create a thread about cancelling my account but it seems fitting to include a post in here.

It appears Curve do not deactivate your account when you request to cancel. They simply add “cancelled” to your name and add “void” at either end of your email address.

I know this because after being told my account was cancelled and that I just needed to log out of the app, upon doing so the email address field on the log in screen was prepopulated with my email address with void added to each end. I was able to log back in without issue.

This is extremely worrying as I like most would expect cancelling account to deactivate it and ensure it was not accessible outside of Curve.

This is something you expect from a company that started in the 90’s or earlier with old systems not from a new “fin tech” start up

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That’s worrying. If I’m cancelling, I don’t want a dormant account, I want to sever any relation with Curve.

Absolutely. To make matters worse… I queried this and specifically asked if they are not able to fully deactivate an account and prevent external access.

They ignored my question, said I didn’t log out properly and that I should log out and delete the app. Then if I still experience issues I should send them a screen shot of what I’m seeing. I can only assume the last part is standard on support emails because it certainly doesn’t apply to my problem.

Just to I humour them I logged out, deleted the app, reinstalled it then logged back in again with out problem. What Is also worrying is that the cards Id added were still showing so they hadn’t even removed them when they supposedly cancelled my account. Needless to say I’ve removed them now.

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The more I read about this company, the shadier it seems to be.

Some friends recently invested in their crowdfunding round. I didn’t, I couldn’t really see what the USP of Curve is? :thinking: it’s just not compelling and this seems to be bourne out by news today that only 14% of Curve users use their card at least once a month.

Seems like a big scam to me.

Logged into the app to remove any associated cards and this is exactly what they’ve done.

They’ve not cancelled the account at all but they’ve now emailed me to tell me that they have. So that’s dishonesty right there.

Had another response back saying it was human error as the account wasn’t closed properly. If I log out and uninstall I won’t be able to log back in.

Maybe they’re banking on me accepting I can’t log back in because I’ve uninstalled the app as they advised :rofl::rofl:

Needless to say that after reinstalling the app I was able to log back in.

They asked for a screen recording of me logging in to see what’s going wrong. I’m logging in the normal way (just with an amended email address). What do they think they will be able to see from the screen recording. The issue is with my/our accounts. Maybe they don’t believe me :thinking:

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The fact that you’ve caught them out on their merry little wheeze. And their dishonesty. They’ll see their dishonesty.

This seems pretty standard practice before escalating to what I imagine is a GDPR specific team which can then anonymise some of your data. As they deal with finance, I guess there’s a lot they need to keep for 6 or 7 years (?).

It also looks like they’ve communicated with you, responded to your concerns and are attempting to resolve them affectively.

Good luck!

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Standard practice? Maybe for an company with old system architecture but this is certainly not standard practice for a new fin tech start up.

Were they really that naive to think no-one would want to cancel their account. They should be able to flick a switch upon cancellation that would prevent the account from being accessible.

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With respect if this topic is closed I’ll start a new one. This is not in breach of any forum rules. This is sharing information about Curves apparent inability to cancel accounts and prevent continued access. All customers have a right to know this.

If Curve do fix this then I will be more than happy to update this thread stating that.

No need to close the topic. If you don’t find it useful, leave it and read another topic.

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This thread would benefit from some simple guidance for those thinking of closing an account as there seems to be considerable uncertainty about what to expect.

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Correct, I would expect that one would be unable to login by any means after the account is cancelled. This is a standard procedure. Any word from Curve would be appreciated on this topic.


I really get the impression that they have no process in place for how they deal with account cancellations.

My mobile number has now been changed to something random (although still a valid number because I rang it 🤦). This happened after I went back to them saying I fully understand the legal requirement to retain certain data but that things like my mobile number is not required and should be deleted.

Curve I would really appreciate an official response on this because what I am getting from support is just a joke…they just keep telling me to log out and delete the app.

If Curve can justify it, and I’m sure they can given they’re a finance related institution, then they can keep your number and email address on file however, there clearly is a gap here in process that needs to be looked into.

No one wants a GDPR claim.

Yes there is a gap that needs so be looked into but I can assure you there is no justification for any financial institution to retain a mobile telephone number or an email address.

Besides which Curve have already amended the mobile number as confirmed in previous post so your statement wasn’t really relevant…

I’m sorry but yes there is justification and I can assure you that every financial institution can and does justify holding and storing your telephone number and email address.

Just because it shows as amended on the user end does not mean that the data has been removed.

If you don’t believe me, please feel free to make a data access request to any financial institution - it’s worth the 28 day wait.