Cancel curve, apply for Samsung pay +, avoid limitations?

I note that the free Samsung Pay + product seems to offer many of the benefits of the underlying Curve product but apparently without the recently imposed two card limit. I can’t apply for Samsung Pay + as an existing Curve customer, so if I shut down my soon to be limited Curve account could I then just open a Samsung Pay + account? Has anyone tried this? TIA!

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Yes, you can.

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A couple of years ago I started with a Samsung Pay + card. However, because it only works with Samsung Pay, I closed it. Curve Blue works with all three: Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. For that reason alone, I switched to a regular Curve Blue card account. However, keeping more than two cards added is about to become a paid service. For the twelve cards I have, it would cost me £9.99 per month for a facility that’s been free for years. There’s no question of ugrading to that.

If Samsung Pay + is the free version that still offers unimited cards, I will consider swapping back again.

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Can you let me know how this goes for you? I’m in the same position and wondering whether to switch to Samsung pay.

Samsung pay is something weird. Does it only works (is available) on high end Samsung phones? I dont see option to install it on my samsung device. Should it be available on google playstore?

Samsung Pay is installed through Galaxy Store. It’s not available everywhere, and I think it is only possible to install in the countries where it is supported. There is a list here:
The Samsung Pay+ card is available in the UK, but I don’t know about any other country where you can get it. I can’t find any option for it in my Samsung Pay.

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Stupid corporations (samsung) and their gimmick marketing. Checked galaxy store - of course samsungpay does not even show on my device (hardware fully supports it).

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In Samsung wallet, to install Samsung Pay + it directs you to download Curve from either the Google play store or the Galaxy Store. I don’t know if this happened before. Does this mean the link between Samsung and Curve is now dead and Samsung are cutting their losses? Is that why Curve are looking at the tier pricing structure ?

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I let Support know immediately that £9.99 was too big a jump just to keep my 12 cards on the app, so there was no possibility of me upgrading. I enquired whether I could close my Curve Blue account and re-open Samsung Pay+. I was assured me that if I wanted to cancel and open a Samsung Pay+ account, to let her know and Curve would happily honour this request. I had thought of waiting until the changes came. Instead I emailed Support again and requested that my account be closed, so that I could re-open Samsung Pay +. This time another advisor said that Curve won’t be able to help me re-open my Samsung Pay+ account. She said this was currently unavailable for existing Curve users, even if in the past I used to have a Samsung Pay+ card.

I have since drawn attention to the fact that the previous advisor had made an undertaking to honour my request. We’ll see what happens. Samsung have assured me that, although they have a partnership with Curve, all Samsung Pay services will remain free. If Curve do cancel my account and let me open Samsung Pay +, my full use of the Curve system for all card transactions is guaranteed and both parties gain. Otherwise both lose out. Fingers crossed. Whatever the outcome, there is no question of me upgrading to £9.99 per month.

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I won’t be trying to move my Curve account for a few weeks as I’m busy.
If Curve won’t let me cancel and then open a Samsung Pay+ account then I’ll just walk away from Curve entirely, as it’ll be pretty much pointless.

Hi all

I hear from family members using standard curve that they will soon be forced to have only 2 cards added to their curve account on their basic version.

I have not had such an email but I use Samsung Curve (Samsung Curve) so will I not see the same restrictions?

A remark worth noting is that if we are willing to be agnostic of the mobile ecosystem and be able to use Android or iOS, the best bet is to keep Curve as AFAIK this is the only solution working for both Google Pay (now again renamed Wallet according to the new app pushed on Android devices recently) and Apple Pay.