Cancel my subscription

How do I cancel my subscription? I sent an email to support a few days ago and I’m yet to receive a response

That’s the correct route, just wait for them to reply - they’ll be a bit busy just now with support queries thanks to Wirecard!

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I raised a similar ticket and my reply from them was simply a copy and paste.

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While the initial response will be boilerplate, anything subsequent should contain the response (alongside some copy-pasta about the service status).

Personally, I’ve witnessed a rather quick turnaround on emails - I sent one on the 27th, got a response today and directed to the correct team (pending a response). They’ll definitely get back to any queries, but I’d assume it may be a little longer due to what’s currently going on (and the likely uptick in tickets).

That was not an initial response and I knew it since I have been using Curve for a long while now (even a long time with Revolut Rita, N26 and Bunq), that was several different “copy and paste” in those mails and replies, for the rest, I shall just see if they get back to me or not as you mentioned.

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