Cancel Plan due to lack of support


Did someone already success to cancel his plan due to lack of support ?

I did the mistake to go for metal plan to support curve even if free plan was enough. I did not get cashback I should get neither priority support and answer to some questions. I asked a question in chat app the 07/07 got answered the 17/07 and no answer since. Sent a mail the 29/07 and same. Asked twitter support 2 days ago they asked me to send them DM They just asked me to send it again.

That’s a disgrace, I stop to pay because and I will do my best to pay as they do their best to answer to customers.

They said a month ago they restructured their support still nothing I do not know how many months it take for them to do but keep communicating on social network but ignoring customers is disrespectful and frustrating.

I am at a point I do not want to have anything with Curve. is there someone that succesfully cancel his plan because of lack of support or service ?