Cancelled items

I bought 2 items on amazon and decided to cancel one of them. One was 9.99. The other was 67.99. Straight away curve Showed the 77.98 order on my account. I then realised that the 67.99 order was the wrong item, so I cancelled it. The attempt to cancel was successful and the order was removed from my amazon orders, leaving just the 9.99 item.
However, my bank account showed 77.98 in pending items, then the next day that item had gone through and money had been taken from my account. The cost on the curve account also still shows the full amount.
I have contacted curve but not had a response yet (I’m panicking too early probably but it’s £68 I kinda don’t want to lose!)
. I was wondering if anyone else ever had this happen and if so is it easily resolved? I have sent all the order details and confirmation of cancellation etc. Just worried investors never going to see my money again!

Unfortunately refunds can take longer to go through. I’d give support a few days to get back to you but wouldn’t have any concerns about the charges being refunded.

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I’m just worried because it’s not technically a refund as such as it’s not like I had the item then sent it back. I cancelled before it was dispatched. I hope it will go the same way as a normal refund though. Thanks for replying. It makes me feel a little better. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know what you mean but still should be OK - they requested the money and now don’t need it. If they received it they refund it, if they just cancelled their hold on it then that’ll all go through too. Do post back as to how you get on :slight_smile:

Hey @Chez, welcome to the Community! Rest assured you’ll always get your money back in these situations. We will more than likely receive your cancelled order as a refund in the next few days and it will be processed back to your payment card. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible and will be able to give you more detail. :blush:


Thanks for the reassurance. I will let you know how it turns out.


Still not resolved. So I contacted amazon and they said it was refunded on the 23rd and gave me the transaction number. So it’s stuck somewhere with curve. :frowning: I hope it gets sorted soon, this is really putting me off using it online.

I’m not sure why its putting you off?

The refund time frame advertised by Curve is quite clear. It can take 1 to 5 days to hit your Curve card and then the same time frame to hit your bank account but, typically, this is quicker.

Your refund may have been processed on the 23rd but I doubt it wouldn’t have gone through until the following day so you’re still well within the advertised time frame.

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Still not been refunded and haven’t had a response to emails to curve. I shall continue to wait patiently in the hope it reappears soon.

Update. It now says refunded on Curve. Hasn’t appeared in my bank. I assume I have to wait for that to go through too? I’m just glad it’s all heading in the right direction!

Curve is quick to let you know that a refund is on the way to your underlying payment card! It does take a few days for money to be moved between places so it should be reflected on your underlying card statement within 3-5 working days of the notification. :smile: