Cancelled orders still get charged


Not sure if anyone else had been in the same situation - I had an order with Boots which was subsequently cancelled. The email from Boots stated that I won’t be charged for this order. However, when I checked the transaction this evening, I can see that my underlying card had been charged at full order amount.

When I was in this situation previously, the card provider never charged me, other than showing the payment in the pending status.

Now, because of this, I feel like I should be checking the previous order history …

Has anyone been in the same situation?


If I’m not wrong, when the payment provider sends notice to Curve they won’t charge the card, Curve will not charge the underlying card.

It can take around 10 days for a refund, if you send Curve the cancellation messages in-app, they’ll usually refund you quicker :smile:

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It gets rather confusing in the situation like this. As I’m used to having the pending transactions to slowly disappear themselves, instead of having them charged and then refunded.

Hopefully this won’t take long, as it was quite a big order.

Thanks both :slight_smile:

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