Cannot access Curve Cash / Points

For whatever reason a refund was send to Curve Cash instead of the underlying card.

I then tried to top-up my Revolut card using the same amount and currency (GBP) which was instantly declined. The selected / active card is “Curve Cash”. I tried both the “use automatically” and the manual select variant.

I then lowered the amount down to GBP 10 which was also declined (available “points” are more than 50k).

The message is always “Declined - Do Not Honour (20005)”.

I then sent some (GBP 10) of the Curve Cash to a Friend using the “Send” option which worked (GBP 10 were deducted from my Curve Cash store). However he also was not able to withdraw the amount using PayPal topup (also declined).

How can I access my Curve Cash?

Hey there,

A Declined - Do not honour notification is a request status associated with the 20005 response code, and it means that something went wrong on the Card Issuers Backend.

Please send the Curve Support a Message so they can investigate.
or use the in-app support chat.

Hey FlareCO,

thank you for your response. I know what it means but the “Card Issuers Backend” in this case is Curve’s as I was trying to withdraw money from my Curve Cash “card”.

Anyway, the issue resolved itself today for no obvious reason.

It still worries me a lot that the inital refund didn’t get routed back to its source but to Curve Cash instead, followed by the inability to withdraw it from there due to the mentioned “Card Issuers Backend” error on Curve’s side…

I guess I wont be using my Curve card for “high” amount transactions anymore.

Also neither the “Contact us” chat-function within the app (error: “Message failed to send. Tap to retry”) nor the “Have a question about this trasaction?” (error: “Failed to receive support information.”) ever worked for me so this is also something you guys should be investigating.