Cannot add a Dutch ICS Mastercard anymore (that for me replaces expired one)

Just recently I tried to add a Mastercard credit card as replacement for my expired card that was linked to Curve. Therefore you have to remove the expired card and add the new card. The new card has the same number, name and only a different expiry date and CVC code. Also it is a regular Mastercard credit card that was used with Curve all the time. However now I get a message that Curve does not support this type of credit card which makes it worthless of course. Hopefully Curve comes with a solution , I have informed them already. But maybe there are others having the same problem.

Others have had similar issues previously, worth contacting support.

Done that already and they will get back to me. I think though it has to do with the problems they have with Wirecard. It seems that all Curve Cards are temporarily suspended until they have fully migrated. Very bad of course. It means that basically you cannot rely on the product whereas I never experienced any problem with my regualar credit cards. Curve is convenient because I can use my regular credit card with apple pay through curve. The original Mastercard from ICS does not (yet) support apple pay.

Still not able to add a Mastercard. Support does not have a solution sonar. really very bad performance.

Curve should first fix the problem that I cannot add a regular Mastercard that replaces the expired one. The basics should first work flawlessly before venturing into ne areas.


Fix the problem first that the BIN of my replacement Mastercard (same number, new expiry date and new CVC) is accepted again instead of developing new ideas.

Just curious - was it solved ?

No it still is not solved. This problem is already being talked about with Curve since June of this year. They simply don;'t have their act together.

The only problem is that if you go that route (which I had to do after my card expired) you won’t be able to add the renewed card so Curve became useless as of thet moment. Curve support still has not offered a solution or resolved it after more than 3 weeks.

And then when you have done that as I did you find out that the BIN is no longer supported by Curve and you cannot add your renewed card even if it has the same number. So useless for me now.

It’s quite sad, that anybody from The Curve team wasn’t brave enough to write even a Word about this issue. What are you afraid of? Or you perhaps simply ignore real needs of the customers?

Because it seems that if you have to replace a card with the new one it does not work anymore because of outdated BIN lists. My Mastercard that was used with Curve expired and tried to replace it but now the same card is not supported anymore.
They are too busy coming up with new brilliant uses instead of solving real issues for real people. This product is certainly not worth paying for.

I have the same problem with adding my debit card. Support didn’t not solve problem for one month. I never contacted with bad support like here.

Now it works. Just added this card again this morning. I just tried myself again. Nobody at Curve support mentioned this with an update on the ticket.

I still can’t add my debit card, new one.

Not all debit cards can be added to Curve. This might be one.

I guess you mean not all prepaid cards. Debit cards and prepaid cards are not the same.