Cannot add my W1tty card

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Cards from W1tty cannot be added to Curve anymore.

How to reproduce it:
Try adding a card and it will ask for the CVC again and again



App version:


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via iOS it works without problems…

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Google Pixel 6, latest Android, enough funds available on my w1tty card. Same issues, keeps asking for CVC again and again…

Already contacted support, but they keep me rotating from support agent to support agent, without any real solution. Despite of the very slow response times, it would be great to get it fixed.

Seems to affect all Androids. I found the following workaround:
Login to you Curve account using an iPhone or iPad from friends/family. There you can add the card, afterwards you can login to your Android again and use the card.

Can confirm that. Did the same via my wife’s iphone and it’s working.
Actually it seems like android seems to have issues with other financial apps, too. Same issue occurred with Revolut as well.