Cannot add RBS VISA card

I cannot add my Royal Bank of Scotland debit card. The app says it can take ALL visa cards but it will not accept my card.
Anyone else had problems ?

Check with RBS if they have blocked Curve

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Hi, according to the Curve app, I can ADD all Visa debit cards.
However I cannot add my Royal Bank of Scotland Visa Debit card. The app says the card cannot be added.
The app will not scan the card, so details added manually (all double checked).
I have used the card for a chip and pin payment.
I have checked with RBS and they have not applied any stops for the Curve app.
Please advise why it is not accepted, and how can I add it.
Or is it a case of making false claims ?
I look forward to your reply.


Same here, but in my case its an RBS mastercard

In my case it was because the RBS card was already set up in an old curve account. Once the Curve Support team had realised this and deleted the old account, all was good