Cannot choose retailers after metal upgrade. Help!

I’ve upgraded to metal card and I simply cannot choose my 6 retailers. I’ve followed instructions but looks like I’m stuck because I am a legacy user (or something like that…). I don’t have the option “curve cash”, I just have “Curve Rewards” that, when pressed, forwards to this page:

I’ve emailed curve, tweeted, tried the chat and no one helped yet… I’m paying for what?? Please help!

I had a similar issue when upgrading to metal. I just couldn’t see where to add my 6 retailers. The User Experience is awful in this regard.

Try this…
Switch your main card to the Curve Cash card.
There’s a cog icon next to the name of the card. Press it.
You have a few options in this section the first one says “Curve Cash” hit this and you should see your list of retailers.

Still does not work… All I have is a “Curve Rewards” option that forwards me to that link in the OP.

You have an old card and legacy cashback scheme. You can request on the chat to upgrade you to the new cashback and then choose 6 retailers.

Yes, that’s true… problem is that I’ve message them several times, email, tweet and nothing, nothing at all!

This is the answer I’ve just received via email:

As you are on our rewards 1.0 scheme, you don’t choose your retailers. Whenever you spend with the retailers on the list in the first screenshot, you should get cashback!
If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Best regards,

Jack V

Team Curve

So, Curve, are you saying that I’ve paid a curve metal subscription to be stuck in an old reward scheme with retailers that don’t even exist in my country?

Curve are getting worse and worse… Please fix this!

Yup, a curve is quite a joke, but the idea is so great. As soon as another competitor comes along I’m gone tho, their support is simply a joke.

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