Cannot delete an expired card

Hi all,

I have a card that has expired. I want to delete it from Curve so that I can add the new card back in.

However, whenever I click ‘Remove card from Curve’ I get the message ‘Error while removing card. Please try later.’

I’ve now tried ‘later’ mupltiple times and I’m getting the same message each time.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can’t even add the new card in because it has the same card number as the old one, so Curve (correctly) says that the card has already been added.

Basically, I can’t use that card at all now with Curve. I have other cards that will soon expire so unless this is resolved quickly I will soon not be able to use Curve at all.

It seems crazy that basic functionality such as updating card details is not working.

Edit: I’ve managed to delete the card. A simple restart of the phone seems to have done the trick. Wish I had tried that sooner, it was quicker than typing the message above :wink:
New card with the correct expiry date has been added.


Doesn’t sound fun! Give a message they’ll get you sorted