Cannot log in to my 1 day old account anymore

Hi everyone,

I created a fresh new Curve account yesterday.

After I registered my ID card and banking card on it without issues.

At one point, I logged out of the application. Then I tried to log back in with the same phone number on the same phone but I’m not receiving the SMS verification code since then from curve.

When my friends send me SMS on that number I receive them without any problem. So the problem can’t be from my Sim card.

When I use the application on the same phone but with another phone number it actually receives the verification code without any problem.

Why is my phone number now blocked?

Hello @FC_Termi,

your phone number could be limited for too many verification requests. In this case wait a bit.

Did you try to re-install the app?
Maybe something messed within the app.

I would recommend sending an email to curve if both options didnt work.

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