Cannot log in!

Curve android app taking forever to log in and I keep getting no internet and timed out errors. Anyone else?


Same here. Not working at all. Re-installed and now can’t even log back in.

Not working here either.

Glad it’s not just me then and sounds like an outage somewhere. I did a delete and reinstall and login took a few times and ages. Everything is just hanging and not loading. Not good.

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Same problems here. Got declined 3 times in Lidl. Quite embarrassing!

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Exactly the same happened to me something like 20 minutes ago! :joy:

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I just had the same at a Rewe and my underlying card was still charged. Maybe check yours as well.

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PMSL :rofl: Perhaps it’s a Lidl’s thing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

Thanks for the heads up. Will check now!

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Initially couldn’t log on, Now cannot access Account page in app - has ‘No internet connection’ message.

The same happened to me, but then the transaction disappeared, strangely :thinking:

According to the status page there isn’t a problem :thinking:

I have problems from yesterday. 3 transactions declined, nothing showing inapp and app very slow. I don’t even try to logout in these cases. Hope they’ll release a communication about this.

“it seems” to be back up and running now. No problems logging in or out and all pages in the app loading quickly :+1::crossed_fingers:

Bad service as usual.

Same here. Tried to pay, declined, opened app, didn’t open, tried again, then it opened, I payed and got charged twice, then realized app is half operational and cannot see my account details, transaction(s) still not showing an hour later

Apps going mental, can’t access account page, and sometimes won’t load app at all.


We are aware some customers may be having issues making payments with Curve, or with accessing features in the app. We have identified the cause and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Posted 1 minute ago. Jan 30, 2021 - 19:16 UTC

This incident affects: Transactions processing, Mobile wallet and wearables (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc), Mobile apps (iOS and Android), and In-app Curve tools.


Major outage affecting app and payment processing - please visit Curve Status - Service disruption for updates until Curve releases Comms

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There’s currently some issues, please see here;