Cannot Login To App - No Magic Link Received?!

Hi There

Can someone/anyone help me escalate my issue with the app. I have sent 4/5 help centre reports to fix the issue I have been unable to log into the app. I receive no magic link therefor I cannot take advantage of switching card or adding any others!! The website F&Q says delete the email but there is no option that I could find to help me do this?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and also tried downloading and using on two other Samsung devices and nothing works.

PLEASE HELP as its been over a month now and I have STILL NOT received anything to fix this issue. I sincerely do not know what else to do?!


You are not receiving an email?


You are receiving an email, but the Magic Link in the email is not working?

Hi Poeliev,

No, I am not receiving a Magic Link, At all! so no email (yes the correct email is registered as I still receive Curve updates)


Scott Cody

Ok. Assuming you already tried everything that is suggested here:

There is not much that we in this community can do for you. Looks like you already tried multiple times to contact support through the online form and/or email (, so probably time to contact them through Twitter or Facebook or give them a call +44 (0) 20 3322 2585.

Yes nothing works from the help link section

Magic link

We use magic links to get you securely back into your Curve account. If you don’t receive your magic link, it’s worth checking your spam to see if it’s got mixed up.

If you’ve requested a magic link, but the link doesn’t work, first make sure you’re accessing the email on your device with the Curve app. You can’t use a magic link on a desktop!

If the link still isn’t working, simply delete the email and request a new one. This should get you back into your account.

With no help how to delete the email?!

So, I guess i’ll have to call them.

Thanks again for trying to help,

Much appreciated

Scott Cody

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Hi Cody, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Please try not to double post. I’ve moved your post from another thread to here, only to find you’ve made one here as well. This is just a friendly heads up so you need not to worry.



P.S. You don’t need to do anything as I’ve closed the duplicate post.

If you haven’t received an email, there is no possibility to delete it from your inbox.
In normal circumstances (not yours) it is also possible to request and receive another Magic Link email without deleting the previous received one(s).

ok, which is difficult since, I’ve never reveived any magic links, whatsover!

I will call the number and see what they can do.

Thankyou again for your support.

If it gets fixed, I shall post the result here.


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Hi Patrice,

Thankyou for the message. I did the seperate post after responding to Marie’s post due to massive frustration with curve. Ive not had any resposes from any of my support messages for a month now and just wanted to escalate my issue higher or to anyone that would know how to help. Its not a very simple process.

Thankyou (again) for your direction. Maybe I’ll find a resolution soon and this thread can get closed.


Scott Cody

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+44 (0) 20 3322 2585

Does not work :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

This is very frustrating…

What does exactly happen when you try to call the number?

+44 (0) 20 3322 2585

I took the +44 out and its worked.

I spoke to an advisor whom has taken my details which will be passed on for a call back in regards to fixing the email log in issue.

Fingers :crossed_fingers:

+44 is the international dialling code for the UK - you drop the zero if using it. If within the UK then you can just use 0 instead.

Hi Cody, that’s no problem, I’m sorry if it came across as being naggy as that’s wasn’t my intention at all.

I do hope you have a speedy outcome to your query.

We are always here if you need help, unfortunately we (the community) can’t help you with customer service based queries, as we don’t have access to the backend systems. Otherwise we would have everyone on Curve metal, for free of course! :grin:

All the very best,


No, not at all.

I completely understand. I’ve got a lot further in one day that previously thought. I do like my Curve card, I would like the process to be smoother. Not everyone is tech savvy so there are many out there that wont find forum’s a way to go.

I shall update my results here.

Much appreciated :raised_hands:


Hi there, just an update to let you all know that after getting through and speaking with somone via phone last week (currently 5 days)

I have not had any emails, calls (or even texts) in regards to my issue to help manage my expectations with no kind or resolution.

As a customer, I really dont feel I’m getting anywhere… at all :man_shrugging:

Hoping (is a strong word at this point) I get some kind of notification w.c the 14th of September.

Very, very frustrating

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Hey there! I’ve got a member of our support team to look into this for you and our team has been in touch via email to try and resolve this for you.

this is john the same problem happened with me for my webite when I was registering the forums and communities please check the email you’ve provided is right or wrong check further information you’ve provided.


Still no communication FYI.

Very frustrating issue.