Cannot update Mastercard

Same issues as this bug (Can't update expired card), so i find it strange that the topic is closed.

My work card replacement has arrived in the post, but i cannot add it and there is no mechanism to update the card.

Help please?

Hey @Midds, firstly let me welcome you to the community!

Just to confirm, have you deleted the old card from the Curve app? If you’ve done so, and still can’t add it, can you contact us at so we can have a look over your account!

Shouldn’t one just be able to add the new expiry date without having to remove the card since all other details are the same?

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One would have thought…

So, Curve People, I have followed your suggestions and it doesn’t work



@megamaster this is something we’re working on, but currently this is the only method of replacing an expired card in-app.

So, Curve People, I have followed your suggestions and it doesn’t work. Help?

@Midds Have you gotten in touch with our Customer Experience team? They’re able to view your account so can help further, it’s a bit of a guessing game without doing so :sweat_smile:

I will do, but I have to say, this bug is not helping the experience of curve…

Apologies! Obviously we want the experience to be as easy and seamless as possible. Our customer experience team will be able to sort this out for you :+1:

Cannot update my old expired card

Hey @arioch1980 welcome to the Community! This issue was investigated by our engineers and a fix was deployed a little while ago. Have you contacted our support team ( so they can have a look at your account?