Cannot use Curve Card ANYWHERE

Hi guys,

I’m a new Curve user on a Blue free plan. I’ve signed up, verified personal details and debit card attached to Lloyds. I’ve completed activation of the Curve card via in app steps and I have a card number of 16 digits and a CVV number. I have even managed to send “Curve Cash” to my friend via the attached bank card (Lloyds) and that much worked.

However, my frustrations are arriving when trying to use the “card details” I have been issued for my virtual card. I do not wish to pay 4.99 for a physical card so I don’t want to use that service, but the card I have been issued digitally just does not WORK. ANYWHERE?!! I have tried to use this card on Google Play, Amazon, eBay and a few other sites and I cannot use it to pay for anything as it prompts me to check the card and try again, or words to that effect. I have no idea what’s up?

I’ve contacted support but most threads on here say they are dreadfully slow at responding and I don’t really want to wait weeks for a reply so I was hoping one of you guys may be able to shed some light on the issue I am having as no other thread I have read thus far has spoken of the same issues I am currently experiencing and I am wondering if whether I have made an initial error and that is why I now have this fault? But, I will say, I followed all the steps to the letter as I read them and I am not usually the kind of person who struggles with these tasks…

Thanks in advance, Louis.

My virtual card works fine for google pay
Try to contact support

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My virtual card literally doesn’t work for anything. Support are now working on it, not entirely sure what has happened. If I attempt to pay for something via a transaction in a “checkout” scenario I just get a decline style error message with “try a different card” type instructions. If, however, I attempt to add to GPay (with or without attempting purchases) it looks as though it is a “ghost card” and doesn’t even exist, it just says - could not add card after the first attempt at “contacting your bank”?

I dunno, support are on it. Fingers crossed!

I have exactly the same problem. I signed up yesterday, added all my cards and getting declined on everything. Garmin Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Amazon. Quite frustrating to say the least!

Hey @Louis3016 welcome to the Community! Sorry for missing your post.

Did the support team follow up with you on this / sort it for you?

@Andysplash unfortunately we can’t access your account here so won’t be able to see what the issue is. Did you already reach out to our support team?

Just had a stock email acknowledging my ticket and that’s it.

Hello me either my card does not work. I took a metal curve subscription a month ago and since then impossible to use no virtual card or physical card. I contact the support pretty much every day and no one ever answers me. I’m really thinking about unsubscribing because I don’t see the point of continuing to pay for a service I can’t use since no one at Curve support is willing to help me.

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