Cannot verify my identity

Issue: I just downloaded your app and when I am at the step of card verification - although you have charged me and I have put the secret code - I am stucked in the verification process for ours getting the message please try again later. Can you please help me out?

**Update: It is not about the card but about my identity. Check screenshots - I see the first one and instantly I am redirected to a next one that says “please try again later”.

How to reproduce it:

OS: iOS 14

Device: iPhone 11 pro max

App version:


,when Curve verify your identity ------> :white_check_mark: and then you try again. Now you just wait a bit right.

Hey Arcento! Thanks for your reply. I haven’t uploaded any documents etc though. Only my card and my home address. If this is normal then cool I would wait - however I guess it’s not super cool UX not to inform me about the thing you said as the whole thing seems like a problem was caused.

Hey, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on the forum as we don’t have access to your account here. It’s best to get in touch with our support team through email ( or Twitter DM “@AskCurve” so they can take a look!