Cannot view card details!

Issue: Cannot display card details (how nicely lack of details on the card pays back in crucial moment)

How to reproduce it: Try to display details of the card, after authentication small toaster shows there was error and… shit hits the fan - how to use the card if I don’t know it’s number?

OS: Android

Device: Sony Xperia Premium

App version: 2.25.1



Hello @Manveru,

Thank you for posting. Sorry to hear this happened in a crucial moment. Could you please try to delete and reinstall the app?

I’ve just did that.

Logged in. It still displays the same toaster on attempt to display card details.

Not nice - I’m without Curve card now (I mean limited to physical transactions only). Next time I’ll copy by card details to BitWarden.

We just tweaked something, could you please try again now and let us know how you get on?

Still the same problem. I even tried cleaning cache and application data.

Sorry to hear that :confused: Let’s keep investigating. Do you have a passcode set up in the app?

You mean the one used to open the app, show pin and the card details? Yes, I use it interchangeably with fingerprints.

Okay. Thank you for the quick reply. We have to do a little more digging to figure out what’s going on. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for reporting it.

If that would help your software engineers diagnose the problem I’m willing to install debug version of the app and dump logs for them. Just let me know.

The more information the better :smiley: You can use “report a problem” at the bottom of the Account screen to send the info or keep posting here.

I don’t have “report a problem” at the bottom of the Account screen. The last option in the menu is “Manage your Subscription.”

EDIT: Worked without crashing after adding PIN/Biometric in my case. Might want to check for and catch that exception rather than let it crash the app, then you can prompt the user to setup their security options!

Having the same issue as a new user having just signed up through Samsung Pay.
Had to grab the curve app to access the CVV number so that I can add the card to my watch, but the app just crashes out as soon as I tap “View card details”.

Tried on 2 devices:
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

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same problem for me. I’m using Samsung S10+.

I get this from time to time but fortunately I have all my card details stored securely in Lastpass so I can fill in payment forms in the browser.

The metal investor cards look good and don’t bend in my pocket but I do find the lack of number inconvenient. Just getting used to it I guess.

I’m also having the same issue on Android (One Plus 7) and waiting on a response from Curve support.

Please help me ASAP, I have the same issue:

I send the support an email

|Thanks for your message and I’m sorry you weren’t able to turn on this feature.

Please can you try deleting and reinstalling the Curve app then trying again?

If you have any more issues, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Best wishes,

Team Curve

Done. Issue persists. No card details in the app. My transactions are not displayed and the app keeps freezing when trying to change cards.

Also having same issue. This is a real nightmare considering there is no other way to view it.

Thank you for letting us know. We’re investigating what the issue might be and will write you an update ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience :grimacing: