Can't access my account


I have a big problem that exist almost a month and nothing happens.

The problem begins when the app asks me to confirm my identity and account at 4th August and from that moment I can’t use the app but card still works.

Sent you several emails, contact you from Requests page, try to contact you via call centre but almost every time I get an answer like “we make changes to your account, try to login” and the problem still exist.

From my account here you can view the email of my Curve account and I will be very grateful if someone can help me.

Please, before ask me to send you info, view emails from me - there are screenshots and information which are enough. If you need more information - I will be in touch.


looks like something went wrong here.

Unfortunately Community Moderators cannot look into this, only the Curve Support can look into accounts.

I would recommend you to drop the social media team on twitter a message (@AskCurve).

What If I haven’t twitter account?