Can't activate Curve Card

I just got my curve card a week ago.
I couldt activate it so I wrote to support in july,20. They sent me a site so I can verify myself, sent my id card and a selfie for verification.
Its been a while and I also asked support for when it will be activated, but no response.
Its been a week that I got my card and Id use it.
Anything I can do about it?

Hello @LovelyPotato :wave:t3:,

First of all welcome to the Community. To understand it right. You received your card already a while ago and cannot activate the card and already wrote support. Right?

Was there some error message popping up when you tried to activate the card through the app? And if you already verified your identity it should still take a couple of days because the support has a lot to do at the moment.

“to activate, verify a card thats yours and issued in Europe”
This is the error message.
How long does it take to verify it? Im planning on a vacation so it would be good to know

So you already have your CURVE card activated and would like to now add one of your payment cards to your curve wallet to start spending right?

If this is the case you need to have a Card which is issued in the EAA - (so from a European Bank) - otherwise curve will not accept this card. A verification could be with 3DS or a Activation Code on your Bank Statement.

Not really, The card is not activated. Thats my peoblem. The card I have connected to it is a hungarian OTP MasterCard card. So it must work.


maybe the BIN of your underlying Card is not whitelisted yet.

Here are two articles that can help you.

Hey @LovelyPotato welcome to the Community! Our support team are getting a lot of messages at the moment so they may take a little longer to get back to you. If you need your card urgently, as you’ve mentioned you’re going on holiday, I’d recommend giving the number on the back of your card a call so they can speed up the process for you!