Can't add a card to the Curve App

Hi there, my wife has been trying to add a card to the Curve app for the last couple of months but it fails everytime. She contacts support via chat but nobody ever responds. is there any way to get help with this? a number to call perhaps?

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Oh good god I thought it was just me. Since 11 September I have had the exact same with every card. I’ve also got a blank profile screen. Support just ignore me. And I mean totally ignore me. I’ve got a thread open since 11th with 4 of their support people (seems they simply hand over when things get a bit too hard!) and yet none of them are helping. I’m
now on a back and forwards with Official Complaints and they’re being obtuse too. What on earth is wrong with this company? I’d have been sacked for such poor service by now.

terrible isn’t it? :frowning:

Hey there,

what is the BIN of your card?
(First 6-8 numbers)

what is it saying when it fails?

You can change the priority of your ticket by replying with “urgent”.

I have the same problem. Your support is handicapped.

Hello mate, sorted now. Next question is, how can she order a physical card?

There should be an option to order a physical card (physical card is not free) in the menu.

Yeah, but something weird is going on. I believe it should be this page and it says delivered in April. Considering my wife has just signed up, that’s not possible.

Nick Low.

Actually it does mean that it is going to be delivered in April 2021…(not that it has been delivered in April 2020)

…but I am pretty certain it’s just a display bug.

cheers poeliev, is there any way i can check if the card will be on it’s way? my wife didn’t actually order the card so we are a bit confused that it’s saying the card will be delivered in april 2021

If she didn’t order the card (I actually thought she did), then it’s not a display bug.
Since the cards are not sent with track and trace you can not check this, but if she did not order one it will not be sent.
I would advise contacting support and explain them you can not order a physical card and you did not order one already (though the app seems to show that).

appreciate the directions mate, will do

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