Can't add a card which already was added in the same account

After Curve changed the issuer, the card was declined and required another verification. I didn’t manage to verify it again - so I deleted it and tried to add it again. On adding - The message "Can’t add this card " appears.

Did you contacted support at ? That is a better place to communicate such issues.

I think trying to add the same card again (after it has been deleted) is a known issue/bug and I’m not sure if there is a solution to it. I had to cancel a couple of my cards and get them reissued with new numbers so that I could add them to Curve.

Exactly the same problem here.
No help from support. First report of the problem to support was 29.06.2020.
Since then no progress.

It is a known issue which I do not think can currently be resolved. Like I said, I had to report my card as lost so that I could get a new one issued with a new number and added to Curve.

I’ve got the exact same issue as this - in fact I could have written it word for word.

Unfortunately support haven’t been much use so far and haven’t been able to suggest anything useful to try.

I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing app cache etc.

Looks like I might have to copy you and report the underlying card as lost in order to get a new one. Bit of hassle but at least I’ll be able to use it with curve again.

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