Can't add a new card

I try to add my polish Visa debit card to my curve wallet. But I get a message “Your card couldn’t be added this time”. Support keeps silence several days. I don’t know what to do now. Moreover, I’ve already added my MasterCard card to wallet and it works well. Could you explain what I do wrong? How to add a second card to the curve wallet?

Hey @foxandr, welcome to the Curve Community!

There’s a few different reasons why you might not be able to add your card. It’s possible that your bank is sending ‘Do not honour’ messages when Curve tries to send a verification charge. This means that your bank could be blocking transactions.

It could also be the case that we don’t support your BIN number or that your card has already been added to another Curve account.

We’re not able to access your account here so it’s best to wait for our support team to provide more info - they’re taking a bit longer to reply at the moment but you should hear from them within 48 hours!