Cant add bank card

My Curve card got stolen on Friday and had to freeze my account, however ive been trying to reply to curve since and ive heard nothing back. So i thought id delete the app and make a new one but now i can’t add my bank card to it. All I’m getting is “you can’t add this card to curve” is it cause ive already used it on a previous deleted account? I hope not cause ive really enjoyed using curve. I tried Monzo but isnt the same.

So hoping if anyone can help me or even the support team at curve can try and allow my current bank card to join up my new account. Thanks

Hello @Ste26293, welcome to the community! :sunglasses:

Why did you delete the account? Just ask support for a new card.

We don’t have access to your account here on the Community so unfortunately we can’t see why you getting some issues.

The support team are getting a lot of messages right now so they’re taking a bit longer than usual to reply. If you’re currently waiting on a response and it’s been more than 24 hours then I’d recommend sending a DM to @AskCurve on Twitter or Curve’s Facebook page.

I tried tht but got no reply so thought I’ll try and delete the app and do it tht way, but obviously that made things worse. So wasn’t sure if they can do something on their side to help